Joy’s Bio

Joy Rinaldi, a 30 year veteran of Broadway, TV and film acting. The original cast member, and over 600 performances in all eight principal female roles in Grease. She received “Drama Critics Award” for portrayal of Mae in “Clash by Night”. She is the founder of the McCadden Place Theatre, where she has mounted, cast and acted in numerous productions.

Joy has spent some 25 plus years as an acting coach specializing in “on-camera” acting. In addition to teaching in Hollywood, she has taught film acting at the Northwestern Acting Studios in Seattle for 9 years, at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, and in her own Hollywood studio, as well as private coaching.

Joy still actively works as an actress and acting coach in Hollywood, CA

Joshua Roberts

“Joy Rinaldi has given me the tools I need to be an actual actor. She has a unique way of removing old, unproductive habits and replacing them with confidence in perpetration. Joy’s class is a must – especially if you are changing from theatre acting to film acting.”

Gilbert Gonzales

“It is no exaggeration to call working with Joy Rinaldi ‘life changing’. Her disarming technique has not only made me a far better actor, but also has made me more transparent as a person when approaching every single one of the ‘off camera’ relationships I have in my life. Joy has guided me in facing and conquering my deepest and most intense insecurities concerning intimacy with another person. She brings out the best, because she is the best.  There is no tolerance for ‘fake’ with her. ‘Genuineness’ and ‘authenticity’ will be everything you learn, because it is all she knows to give.” Finalist World Championship of the Performing Arts 2012 (International Talent Contest)

Storm Reid

“Joy Rinaldi is amazing! She has been very instrumental in taking my acting abilities to another level.”

Recent Credits:

  • “12 Years a Slave” (Steve McQueen [Dir], Chiwetel Ejiofor, Quvenzhune, Benedict Cumberbatch, Etc.)
  • “Killing Wiston Jones” (Joel David Moore (Dir), Richard Dreyfuss, Danny Glover)
  • “NCIS LA” (Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J)
  • “Santa’s Boot Camp” (Eric Roberts, Erika Bierman)
  • “The Thunderman” (Jack Griffo, Kiro Kosarin)
  • “Adam Devine’s Party House” (Kyle Newacheck)

Chris O’Neil

“It was Joy Rinaldi’s attention to detail and brilliant understanding of what it means to truly be yourself rather than a character in front of a camera to which I owe a great deal of my personal success.”

Recent Credits:

  • “The Last Mimsy”
  • “Breakaway”
  • “The Dark Ages”

Has worked with” Robt Shaye [Dir], Michael Clark Duncan, Kathryn Hahn, Rainn Wilson, Timothy Hutton, Chet Crissom

Jonathon McClendon

“What Joy Rinaldi teaches is an invaluable part of my process. and because of her i am more intouch and open with my feelings. Thank you Joy!.”

Recent Credits:

  • See Dad Run” TV series, Nickelodeon (Scott Baio, Alanna Ubach, Ryan Newman, Jackson Brundage)
  • The Play room” Feature Film (Molly Parker, John Hawks, Cody Linley)
  • Skateland” Feature Film (Dir: Anthony Burns)
  • Front of the Class” TV Movie, Hallmark Hall of Fame Prod (Dir: Peter Werner)

Jessica McCabe

“Joy‘s class has taught me how to act for film rather than theatre, to be dynamic and interesting and genuine, to be subtle and beautiful, to be able to get to my laughter, my anger, my tears in a way that will not only impress  an audience, but move  them.”

Recent Credits:

  • Worked with Tony Shaloub on “Monk”
  • Dylan McDermott on “Dark Blue”
  • Brittany Snow on “American Dreams”
  • Gary Busy and Andy Dick on “Scorched”

Niki Koss

“I had a lot of bad habits when I came to Joy’s class and I can safely say she’s cured me of them all. I highly recommend Joy’s class for film or TV actors.”

Recent credits:

  • “Scouts VS Zombies” with Halston Sage, Tye Sheriden, Patrick Schwarzeneggar, David Koechner, Sarah Dumont and Logan Miller (Paramount Pictures, directed by Christopher Landon, produced by Andy Fickman and Betsy Sullinger).
  • “Girl on the Edge” with Taylor Spreitler, Peter Coyote, Gil Bellows, Elizabeth Peña, Rex Lee and Amy Davidson (directed by Jay Silverman).
  • “A Teenage Drama” with Stevie Lynn Jones.
  • “Red Wing” with Frances Fisher, Glen Powell, Will Wallace, Luke Perry, Joelle Carter and Bill Paxton (exec. produced by Terrence Malick and Ed Pressman)