Joshua Roberts

“Joy Rinaldi has given me the tools I need to be an actual actor. She has a unique way of removing old, unproductive habits and replacing them with confidence in perpetration. Joy’s class is a must – especially if you are changing from theatre acting to film acting.”

Gilbert Gonzales

“It is no exaggeration to call working with Joy Rinaldi ‘life changing’. Her disarming technique has not only made me a far better actor, but also has made me more transparent as a person when approaching every single one of the ‘off camera’ relationships I have in my life. Joy has guided me in facing and conquering my deepest and most intense insecurities concerning intimacy with another person. She brings out the best, because she is the best. ¬†There is no tolerance for ‘fake’ with her. ‘Genuineness’ and ‘authenticity’ will be everything you learn, because it is all she knows to give.”¬†Finalist World Championship of the Performing Arts 2012 (International Talent Contest)